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When the elder people arrived in  Verra, they found a hostile world in a savage state, its rivers molten, its mountains vomiting ash and rock into the air, jungles reaching the clouds, matter itself constantly transformed.

The source of all chaos, a young but terrible God and Goddess, Verra, dwelling in the underground.

They came to bring order to this world, and so the elder people went into Verra's lair and slaughtered them, scattering their pieces in a magic labyrinth.

As centuries elapsed, Verra's pieces gained conciousness as mutant monsters, of their past oblivious, purposelessly crawling in circles.

Most monsters repeat cycles, a few awaken ones know single paths between locations or hold some memories of their past. Big monsters rule over smaller ones in their domains. All awaken monsters compete to eat each other and grow in size, power or memories.

How will you escape the labyrinth? Can you become Verra again? You'll play to find out. This game's rules are heavily inspired by Electric Bastionland, and constitute my personal take on the OSR/Artpunk movement.

This game was designed in time for 2 jams, but is still in active development and testing phase, so every purchase helps me put time and effort into it. You can grab a community copy if you can't pay or want to hold on paying until the game is complete. If you want to help me playtest, or review/talk about the game and spread the word, write me (joaquinollo@gmail.com) and I can grant you a press copy.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorJoaquín Ollo
GenreRole Playing
Tagsartpunk, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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This is a wonderful game. It looks like a classic dungeon crawl experience (except you play monstrous fragments trapped in violence with other monstrous fragments) but it's mechanics around Stability and Memories capture the chaos of the unique premise so well.

I highly recommend buying it even if you don't think you'll play it because the rules about Power/Stability can be used in your own hacks of games. I am very excited for all your future games! 

I'm glad you liked the game! I feared I wouldn't be able to communicate its pitch well, since it's pretty specific. 

I plan to keep working on the Labyrinth of Verra, to polish it a bit more, expand its rules and provide more guidelines, and if I have enough time, even build a small page with monsters and domains generators, to facilitate play, so there'll be news about that pretty soon.